We provide excellent service to those looking for handmade floor rugs or those who require appraisal, cleaning or repairs.

We help customers with:

  • Choosing a Rug
  • In-Home Consultation
  • Installation of Rug Pads
  • Cleaning, Repair & Restoration
  • Rug Appraisals

Choosing an oriental area rug can be a challenging task.  Don’t know where to begin?  Let us help you. Often clients like to show us photos of their room, or room plans, paint chip and swatches, which can be very helpful in guiding you to make the best choices in rugs. If you have a designer, please let us know and we can serve you both better.

When considering handmade floor rugs, we like to consider your lifestyle, your children and pets (if you have any), your individual tastes and current budget.

We can find many choices in our showroom, assessing which area rugs are the best choice for your room(s).  We believe that this part of the process is important as we like to choose a good variety based on your taste.

With in-home showing, this is the best and most convenient way to evaluate how well the rug works in your home.  Rugs can be left “on approval”, giving you the opportunity to see the rugs at different times of day with different light.

For some people, just choosing an oriental area rug can be stressful as they don’t know what size or style is best for the room.  We want you to feel entirely at ease and make the entire process comfortable for you.

At Artsy Rugs, we offer FREE in home consultations, to make the rug purchasing process simple.  We will come to your home, take measurements and assess rug sizes for your room(s). Based on your decor and overall feeling you want to create in your room, we will select rugs that work best for your lifestyle.

Buying an oriental area rug is a very personal thing and we want you to LOVE your rug and the room that they’re in.  The whole idea of adding handmade floor rugs to your rooms is to create warmth, aesthetic beauty and distinction.  We want to you to feel fabulous in your home with your new rug(s).

A rug pad is a thin underlay specifically designed for use under your area rug to significantly extend the life of your carpet as well as to prevent slipping, protect the floor and reduce noise.

It provides a protective barrier between the area rug and the floor underneath, taking the strain off of the rug fibers.

At Artsy Rugs, we will provide expert installation of rug pads for area rugs you have purchased from our store, and/or other fine quality rugs you have in your home.

You can choose from 2 different types:  a thick pad that provides a nice cushion and non-slip (as seen in photo) or a thinner pad that provides non-slip protection.  Depending on your rug and the desired effect, the choice is yours.

At Artsy Rugs, we provide the service of cleaning, repair and restoration for your quality oriental area rugs.  We know how important it is to keep your rugs looking beautiful. The best thing about fine wool area rugs is that they are lanolin-rich and thus will look brand new again after proper cleaning.  Our hand washing process will bring your rugs back to an almost new state.

We know that accidents happen and sometimes pets can cause damage to our rugs or perhaps it is an older antique and time has taken its toll. In the event of rug damage, we highly recommend that you bring your rug to our showroom.  We can repair your rug to look almost new again.

Do you have handmade oriental area rugs? Not sure of the value?  There are many determining factors as to the value of your rug such as the size, dyes used, age of rug and the overall design.  When examined closely, the rug may be worth more or less than what you thought.  Also, it is important to note that the selling price of your rug is often very different than a stores asking price and will depend a lot on the current rug market to get a proper price.  Thus, when appraising a rug, we use comparables and actual selling prices to determine value.

Questions to consider before getting an appraisal.

  1. Are you looking to sell it and want to know if Artsy Rugs wants to purchase it?
  2. Do you want an assessment of what a fair market retail value would be as if it was sold to a retail client?
  3. Are you looking to upgrade your room and wondering what the fair trade value would be?
  4. Are you looking to insure it and require a fair market retail value appraisal?

Please let us know your requirements before an appraisal is made.