About Us

Located in beautiful Palo Alto, Artsy Rugs is a luxury brand of fine oriental hand knotted area rugs. Since 1984, we have been offering an exquisite collection of fine area rugs from The Far East including Turkey, Iran, India and Pakistan.  Choose from the finest Persian and Oriental carpets in the world with confidence. Our vision is to select the most unique and special rugs that are relevant for today.

We believe that every rug tells a unique story, carrying a piece of the heart and soul of the weaver, with aesthetic qualities and historical traditions in each piece. There are so many steps that must occur when a rug is hand crafted including hand spinning, dyeing and knotting the wool and or silk.  All of our handpicked rugs have had extraordinary attention to the finishing process, including hand washing, hand shearing and other details, all of which have created an exquisite final product.

All of the rugs we offer are unique with rich colors, harmonious designs and beautiful motifs embodying peace and creativity.  With our interior design assistance, you can be sure to get a beautiful area rug that compliments your décor and tying together all the room elements while creating warmth, beauty and sophistication.

Every rug tells a unique story...


Servet Abi, Owner

Servet Abi, owner of Artsy Rugs in Palo Alto, has been in the oriental hand knotted area rugs business for 19 years. As a 3rd generation rug purveyor, he has worked in several states and started several companies.  With his fine eye for detail, he finds the very best and most beautiful of handmade area rugs in his worldwide travels.  His family owns one of the oldest and largest rug companies in Istanbul, Turkey, known as Urartu Carpets & Kilims.