The Vintage Look Is In!

The Vintage Look Is In!

The choices in home decor rugs these days is astonishing. Artsy is an oriental area rugs store that carries a wide variety of styles, and the vintage look is very popular here in Palo Alto. But how did it all start?

Home Decor Rugs and Trends

When we go back in time and see all the different trends that have come and gone, one that continuously comes back is the “vintage or weathered” look. It was back in the 1970’s, during a time of rebellion that the concept of weathered clothing became a popular thing. It was a mode of self-expression that gave rise to a style that would go on for years to come.


It was during this time that people started to rip their jeans and be less concerned about perfection. Fashion trends that brought us a lot more textures, with ripped jeans, torn shirts and frayed edges has also had an impact in furniture and textiles.

vintage area rugs
See vintage rugs like this one here

Shabby chic, a phrase coined in the 1980s is still hugely popular with millennials and beyond. This style consists of a distressed look that appears old or antique. It creates a soft, cottage like appeal that is romantic, comfortable and inviting and usually associated as very feminine. A masculine version of shabby chic would be more “rustic” using richer colors and textures.

Adopting the shabby chic idea is happening in home decor rugs. Here are some examples of rugs that are adorning the gallery walls at Artsy. What gives these rugs their signature look is how they are sheared. The finishers of these rugs shear them very close to the foundation of the rug giving it a texture and very beautiful appeal.

These transitional area rugs could also be considered modern in style.

These exclusive shabby chic rugs can be found at Artsy Rugs in Palo Alto. To see more examples, please visit our area rug showroom where you will find the very best area rugs.  Artsy oriental rug store carries a large selection of home decor rugs in all sizes and styles.