The Future Of Handmade Oriental Area Rugs

The Future Of Handmade Oriental Area Rugs
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After recently returning from a trip to India, it is become very clear to me that the world is definitely changing and at a very fast pace. Technology has changed the way we see the world. Most of us don’t leave our house without our phone and don’t like to make any decisions without it. However, despite this increasing dependance on technology, our desire to buy unique things is growing.  This is especially true with hand made things as it expresses our desire to be unique and individual. Thus, the journey of finding unique oriental area rugs is also a part of this growth.


Oriental Area Rugs Are A Form Of Great Art

The way handmade oriental area rugs are made today is almost the same as it was centuries ago.  The main difference is that designs today are created and printed via CAD based programs so that the weaver can visually see the design knot by knot.  The spinning, dying, washing and weaving is virtually the same as it always was.  The nice thing to know here is that the process is essentially the same and thus the long distinguished art of rug weaving is still just as fresh as it ever was.  The only difference is finding hands to do it.  In countries like India and Pakistan, there seems to be a lot of hands still available and ready to do this art.  No matter how much technology has changed us, there is still a willingness to be involved in this beautiful art form.

The Desire To Be Unique

People are desperately looking for their own uniqueness and thus even in shopping habits, people are more interested in finding that “special thing” or that beautiful piece of fine art to add some joy or spice in their home.  For instance, the beautiful, unique area rug above is an unusual piece with the pink center, known as the ROYAL KAZAK.

India has long been producing hand made items well beyond the time of the silk route and today they are just as vibrant as ever producing more and more hand made items.

Handmade area rugs Palo Alto

Opportunities for developing nations

As most western countries know, China has long been making mass produced items of all kinds that effect almost everything we own. It is difficult to buy anything these days that is not from China, with the exception of one thing… hand made items. They are producing less and less hand made items, including hand knotted area rugs. Shop owners in China are beginning to rely on India and other nations to produce fine area rugs for them. This is a stark contrast from 50-100 years ago.

handmade-wool for area rugs

This shift is happening because many people from rural communities have moved closer to cities for jobs. Weaving which used to be handed down from generation to generation is being lost in many places in the world where it used to be commonplace. For lovers of art and handmade things, this is a sad fact which is hard to ignore. However, the bright seed of light is the opportunity for developing nations to create beautiful handmade goods to meet the growing demand for unique items. Places like India are leading the way in handmade goods, home decor rugs and wool area rugs. It is clear to see that they are really thriving.

7728 Modern Area Rug Artsy Rugs

This gorgeous handmade unique area rug design, 7728 COSMOS MODERN, is made in India with wool and pure silk.

In the world of handmade oriental area rugs, Artsy rugs strives to be a leader in handmade, beautiful, colorful and unique area rugs that create a statement in any room. If you are seeking that extra fine silk or simply a rug that shares the brilliance of your unique personality, visit our luxury area rugs showroom in palo alto.