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Commonly asked questions

Want Info On A Rug?

Interested in rugs you see online?  Let us know what you like and give us the name of the rug(s) you like in the subject with your name and your email and we will get back to you asap.

info@artsyrugs.com  650-656-8007

Can I see rugs in my home before I purchase?

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Yes!  Absolutely. This is an important step in the choosing process.  We recommend that you choose a few rugs that suit your space(s).  This way ensures that you get to see all the rugs in your space in your light.  The light is different in every home and through home viewing, you are able to see the rug in its natural state.  This makes the choice so much easier!

How long will my rug appointment delivery take?

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Delivery of rugs while onsite usually takes about one to two hours depending on how many rugs you choose and the space it is being delivered.

Do you ship?

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We can arrange shipping for you to anywhere around the world.  Shipping is free within the USA.

Do you accept refunds?

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Sorry, we do not accept refunds, which is why we offer rugs on approval, whereby you can see the rugs in your space before you purchase.  We value and appreciate your business and will offer free exchange with a similar priced rug.

Can I view the rugs at home overnight before I purchase?

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Yes!  Absolutely, we want you to be in love with your rug.

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