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    A word derived from Turkey, this pileless textile is one of several flat weaving techniques related to Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China. Kilim flatweave designs are made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps. Used as floor coverings, hangings, bench coverings, bags, or mule saddles, they are highly diverse. These highly collectable rugs are very popular and less expensive then their pile rug counterparts. 100% wool flatweave.

  • 55163 SUZANI

    Based on traditional Uzbek designs, the charming Suzani rug has an embroidered and decorative tribal feel usually woven in delightful and exciting compositions. The Persian word Suzani literally translates to “embroidery”. These whimsically designed rugs are made in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Inspired by traditional textile designs, these “hybrid” rugs are sure to bring sophistication and class to any home. Made with 100% wool on a cotton foundation.

  • 55543 BOKHARA

    Bokhara rugs are tribal rugs made by nomads in Afghanistan and are commonly a deep shade of red with a repeating pattern of oval or diamond shaped motifs. They can also feature rich shades of green, rose, ivory, and grey.  Made on portable wooden looms with these rugs are made with dyes from local vegetables, flowers, tree bark, minerals, and insects.

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