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    The Kayseri design is made in a number of villages near Kayseri in Central Anatolia. Known for their creativity, based on traditional layouts of geometric or curvilinear schemes, these beautiful carpets are in high demand by collectors and designers for their exquisite beauty and historical significance. Handwoven with 100% handspan wool and natural dyes on a cotton foundation.

  • 55633 MILAS

    Named after the district of Milas in southwestern Turkey, the design is made by the Turkmen, thus has a nomadic quality and woven with the inspiration of original 16th century prayer rugs.
    Browns, reddish browns and dark yellow are distinctive colors of the Milas carpet. Made with 100% wool and natural dyes from sources such as peach, apricot and walnut trees. Milas have become popular and fashionable both in an outside of Turkey. This particular rug is approximately 60-80 years old.