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  • 55794 LORI GABBEH

    The word Gabbeh is translated as “long pile carpet” or “fringe”. This modern tribal designed rug was originated by the nomads of southern Iran, Pakistan and India. The Artsy Rugs Lori Gabbeh has a much shorter pile than traditional gabbehs and depicts geometric human or animal patterns or stripes. It boasts incredibly lustrous soft wool and cultural authenticity, which makes them highly desirable to designers and collectors. These unique tribal rugs are exciting with their rich and jewel tone colors and made with 100% handspun wool and natural dyes on a cotton foundation.

  • 7732-home-decor-rug


    Constructed in the age old method of weaving, the modern design is inspired by today’s contemporary architectural and decor influences. As art for your floor, the Artsy Modern rug will transform your home by adding warmth, comfort, color and personality. Meticulously constructed by hand of 100% fine wool on a cotton foundation (some are wool & silk on a cotton foundation), these rugs are sure to inspire interior designers and home decorators.

  • 55591 SILK ISFAHAN

    Going back to the Safavid times in the seventeenth century, Isfahan rugs are said to be the some of the best rugs ever made in Persia. In a city of master weavers, inspiration came from Persia’s best achievements including dramatic vine scrolls and design elements from the city’s famous buildings. The Silk Isfahan is comprised of 100% natural silk on a silk foundation and very tight pile. At Artsy rugs, the Silk Isfahan is one of our specialties, some being made in Turkey and India as well as Iran, with Persian and Turkish Hereke designs used.


    Made in the tradition of Mamlouk rugs with natural dyes and handspun wool, these striking and unique rugs are well suited for contemporary or traditional interiors. The Royal Mamlouk carpets have a higher knot count and finer weave than the Mamlouk. They are characterized not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave and soft, closely valued coloration. Made with100% handspun wool on a cotton foundation.