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    Timeless and classic elegance are the words we think of when describing a vintage Persian rug. Storytelling is contained within each rug, containing history of rugs woven before and since. Hand woven Persian oriental rugs and their elaborate patterns have been the gold standard in rug production because of their exquisite proportions and timeless style. Prized for their durability, texture, color and romantic appeal.

  • 55062 TABRIZ

    These sophisticated rugs, highly desired by interior designers are influenced by Persian designs. These rugs are distinctive in both pattern and color and known for their silky, luminous wool. Characterized by angular large-scale floral elements, the colors tend to be soft and pastel. 100% handspun wool and natural dyes on a cotton foundation.

  • 55164 SUZANI

    Based on traditional Uzbek designs, the charming Suzani rug has an embroidered and decorative tribal feel usually woven in delightful and exciting compositions. The Persian word Suzani literally translates to “embroidery”. These whimsically designed rugs are made in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Inspired by traditional textile designs, these “hybrid” rugs are sure to bring sophistication and class to any home. Made with 100% wool on a cotton foundation.