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  • 55750 ROYAL KAZAK

    Caucasian influenced designs, the tribal Kazak was originated by the people of Armenia and Afghanistan. Usually distinct geometric patterns in red, gold, cream and blues, the designs often include medallions, animals and flowers. These luxurious rugs, once considered a symbol of status, were placed in churches, and palaces of the elite class. These highly aesthetic, durable rugs have been prized for their rugged authenticity and highly saturated color tones. The Royal Kazak presents a denser knot count than the standard traditional Kazak. 100% handspan wool on a cotton foundation.

  • 55709 MONO COLOUR

    The Mono Color rugs have been designed exclusively for Artsy rugs. They encompass the classical styling of a traditional rug with two or three colors versus a large palette of colors. This creates a very soft and contemporary feel to the rug. Designers and homeowners love the design of the mono color rug as it brings harmony to any room. Made with100% handspun wool on a cotton foundation.