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  • 7724 NOOR MODERN

    Constructed in the age old method of weaving, the modern design is inspired by today’s contemporary architectural and decor influences. As art for your floor, the Artsy Modern rug will transform your home by adding warmth, comfort, color and personality. Meticulously constructed by hand of 100% fine wool on a cotton foundation (some are wool & silk on a cotton foundation), these rugs are sure to inspire interior designers and home decorators.


    Timeless and classic elegance are the words we think of when describing a vintage Persian rug. Storytelling is contained within each rug, containing history of rugs woven before and since. Hand woven Persian oriental rugs and their elaborate patterns have been the gold standard in rug production because of their exquisite proportions and timeless style. Prized for their durability, texture, color and romantic appeal.