7 Reasons To Purchase A Fine Handmade Oriental Rug

7 Reasons To Purchase A Fine Handmade Oriental Rug
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You have seen them in the windows of department stores gracing the floors with their beautiful patterns.  You’ve also seen them at fine establishments and have marveled at their beauty at old hotels or in your parents or grandparents homes.  Handmade oriental rugs have been around for centuries, but why do people go out and buy them?  What makes an handmade oriental rug so special? And where can you purchase the best area rugs for you? Hopefully this blog will help you figure that out.

1. It is far superior to any machine made rug out there

Sure, not that long ago, you would only purchase beautiful handmade oriental rugs in galleries.  Now you see them everywhere, but are they handmade? What is the quality?  When you purchase hand knotted area rugs, you are purchasing something that was made BY HAND and a lot of thought was put into it.  The rug had to be made in several parts.  For instance, the wool (or silk) had to be spun first. In some cases the spinning was done by machine, however, the difference is in the texture of the rug.  Then the spun wool had to be dyed.  After that process, the wool needed to be woven into a rug.  So you see, there is a lot going on in a handmade area rug.  You may find machine made rugs that look fabulous and are made with good wool.  However, they are missing one main ingredient – love.  Yep, just like food, wouldn’t you rather have your grandmothers famous cooking than a chain restaurant?  There’s something so much more enchanting and beautiful to a handmade product versus a product that was made by a machine.  See this beautiful Anatolian Vintage rug below.

2. You are likely to save money in the long run on a hand knotted area rug

Anyone who purchases a cheap nylon rug, usually finds out in short order that it isn’t going to last long – especially if there are children or animals in the household.  It may look good for a few months and then in short order, it begins to wear down and show age.  Why?  Because these fibers were not meant to last.  It was made cheaply to begin with and thus has no real lasting power.  So after a few months, you are already looking for something else to replace it with.  There is really no savings to purchasing a cheap machine made synthetic rug, if you have to replace it in a few months, not to mention your CARBON FOOTPRINT of this kind of waste.  It is always better to think long term with your rugs.  Area rugs should last longer than you!  A handmade area rug is ultimately a great investment for you and your family because even once you have decided that you may want a different style, there is always someone in the family that may absolutely LOVE to have that rug.

3. Handmade area rugs are enchanting because of their imperfections.

A handmade rug has flaws or pattern changes that give it character and charm and can also increase its value!  Some of our favorite handmade wool rugs are the ones that have flaws in it.  In many cases, they are intentionally added, however, not always  Hand woven oriental rugs are characteristically imperfect because so many factors are involved in making the rug.  For instance, see this gorgeous Antique Sarouk Farahan at Artsy rugs has a very unusual border.  See how the dye in the border moves from dark navy to brown and in no consistent pattern.  This is a perfect example of how weavers add flaws to rugs.

4. Your hand knotted area rug is a piece of history that will maintain or increase in value over time.

Every rug has a story.  Is it Persian? Turkish? Indian? Tabriz? Kazak? Gabbeh? Knowing these facts are a satisfying part of ownership.  Aside from the educational and entertainment aspect, knowing your rug history has financial implications.  Your antique area rugs may be worth much more than you thought.  Where, how and when your rug was made is important.  It started somewhere, either in a shop with other weavers, in a home, or on the road.  Is it a nomadic rug, then it was made and moved around from place to place. The story is an enchanting part of rug ownership. Artsy rugs always offers a certificate of authenticity with the sale of every rug so that you have the story of what it is and its value which is impotant for insurance purposes as well.

5. Handmade area rugs are more beautiful than wall to wall carpet and a lot more interesting!

The majority of handmade carpets are still made from natural fibers like wool or silk.  Whereas most wall to wall carpet is made from synthetic fibers such as nylon, which translates to plastic and something that is no biodegradable and ultimately going to end up in a landfill somewhere.   Then there is the “fashion” aspect of a fine area rug.  Wouldn’t you agree that throw area rugs are far more fascinating than boring wall to wall carpets?  Its like the story telling moves from room to room with different rugs drawing you into other rooms.  For the aesthetically inclined individuals, the fashion of oriental area rugs brings a powerful statement into the room.  The rug below is a great example of a statement rug called ROYAL MAMLOUK.


6. You are supporting a mostly GREEN and SUSTAINABLE industry.

Most of the hand knotted area rugs are made with eco-friendly materials such as wool and/or silk and most often dyed with vegetable based colors.  In recent years, there has been some new materials added such as viscose and bamboo silk which are a cellulosic wood pulp fiber made from cellulose.  Although technically not synthetic, the process to make these fibers is not necessarily good for the environment.  Thus, when choosing a rug that you want to make sure is perfectly eco-friendly, stick with 100% wool and/or silk and ask for vegetable dyes.  These fibers have been used in rugs for centuries and have shown their longevity and biodegradability.

7. Handmade oriental rugs are easy and safe to clean.

As most Persian or handmade oriental rugs are made with wool and or silk, these fully natural fibers are able to withstand a lot of abuse.  Wool has a lot of lanolin oil naturally in its fibers.  When the fibers are cleaned, it brings out the oil even more.  Many people report that their handmade area rug looks better than the day they bought it after they wash it the first time.  It is because of the natural lanolins in the sheep’s wool that causes this effect.  Silk also cleans up beautifully after cleaning. Usually a very mild detergent is used when cleaning a rug making the process of cleaning also an eco-friendly process.

Like every person, every rug is individual and tells a story.  We believe every handmade oriental rug is a unique piece of fine art. Find the best area rugs showroom in Palo Alto, CA at Artsy Rugs.  We carry a beautiful selection of very fine home decor rugs in a variety of sizes.  Our wool area rugs and silk area rugs are second to none.